Portrait Babies

 A portrait baby is created when pictures of an actual baby are supplied and we work together to decide which kit most closely resembles the picture. Little details such as birthmarks can be duplicated on your very own baby doll.

The cost is determined by the cost of the kit plus $275. (kits cost anywhere between $60 and $120)

A deposit in the amount of the kit and supplies will need to be paid up front, then we can set up payments, but the balance will need to be paid before I ship.

Here are examples of two portrait babies that I have done:

Special Order Babies

You can order a reborn baby of your choice from any available regular kit
  1. You can choose either boy or girl (it’s a matter of clothes)
  2. You can choose eyes closed or eyes open (you pick the eye color)
  3. You can choose either bald or with hair (you pick color and amount of hair)

Custom Renesmee

Carlie Cullen :

Send me an email at [email protected]