Macey's mommy writes: Macey arrived today and I was so afraid to open the box. So much money...would I be disappointed?

I opened it, checked her out, and held her. Sooo sweet.

I wrapped her back in her blanket and placed her in my oblivious husband's (grandpa's) arms. He said "Wow, she even smells like a baby!"

I'm so excited to give her to my baby obsessed Grandaughter for Christmas. It's going to be a beautiful moment when I place her in Anna's arms.

Macey's just wonderful and I thank you.

Paige's Mommy writes: No...she is perfect...I counted every toe and finger. You r truly an artist. I will never let her go...she just brings tears to my eyes.

Molly's new Mommy writes: Only good things to say about this experience. Marcy has mastered the art of reborning! Baby Molly is very realistic and everyone naturally wants to hold her. I appreciate the speed of delivery to my home, the personal customer service, fair price, and this artist's vision! So many other reborns are overpriced and cluttered with uneeded accessories. Baby Molly came simply as babies do and now I can pick her clothing and make her mine. Eager to see more of Marcy's work! Pretty impressive when my twelve year old football player son, insist on holding her first! May God continue to bless you in your talents!

Grace's new Mommy writes: This little baby is so real!! I love her so much and am so happy!!! Everyone I have shown her to is amazed!!! Great job and good work! Looks and feels like a real baby!!! Baby Grace feels like a new member to the family. :-) You are totally awesome!!! Thank you!!!

Michaels's new Mommy writes:"Love Love Love my baby Michael. 'the girls' are so in love with him. I am so amazed at how life like he is and his hair is so realistic! And those eyes! I swear he blinked at me.Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with me. He is a wonderful baby.!"

Amy's new Mommy writes: "I am completely speechless. She is more than I ever even imagined. She is my real life baby girl. She smells soooooooooooo goood."

Meg's new Mommy writes: "JUST got her – PRECIOUS!!! Thank you!! I love her!!! "

MeiMei's new Mommy writes: "I just had to let you know how happy I am with little Meimei! She arrived, safe and sound, this morning and I am just thrilled with her. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me. She is just beautiful! "

Teagan & Tessa's new Mommy writes: "I GOT THEM!!!!!! I love them!!!!!! Thank you, thank you….thank you!!!!!! They are gorgeous!!! "

Anonymous writers:

"your babies are absolutely amazing!!! congratulations on your talent"

" I have never seen a doll look so real! She is beautiful!"